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Introducing our new product, Ca(OH)2! This powerful chemical compound is perfect for a wide range of applications, from industrial to household use. With its chemical formula, Ca(OH)2, it is commonly known as calcium hydroxide. One of the key features of Ca(OH)2 is its ability to neutralize acids, making it an essential ingredient in many industrial processes. It is particularly effective in neutralizing nitric acid (HNO3), making it a valuable tool for industries that work with this powerful acid. In addition to its industrial uses, Ca(OH)2 also has a number of applications in the home. It can be used as a pH regulator in swimming pools, as a desiccant for moisture control, and even as a food additive. Our Ca(OH)2 product is of the highest quality, ensuring that you get the most effective results in whatever application you use it for. It is available in various forms to suit your specific needs, from powder to granules. Whether you are a professional in the industry or a homeowner looking for a reliable solution, our Ca(OH)2 product is the perfect choice for your needs. Trust in the power of calcium hydroxide to deliver effective results every time. Try it out today and see the difference it can make in your processes or everyday life.

I recently tried a mixture of Ca(OH)2 and HNO3 and was really impressed with the results. The combination of these two chemicals created a powerful solution that effectively neutralized acidic substances and cleaned tough stains. I used the mixture to clean my bathroom tiles and was amazed at how easily it removed dirt and grime. Additionally, the reaction between the two chemicals produced a fizzing effect that made the cleaning process a lot more fun. I was very satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend trying this combination for anyone looking for a strong and efficient cleaning solution.

I recently used Ca(OH)2 to neutralize a spill of HNO3 in my workshop, and I was quite impressed with its effectiveness. The Ca(OH)2 quickly reacted with the HNO3, producing calcium nitrate and water. This not only neutralized the acid but also created a safe and easy-to-clean residue. I appreciated how easily the Ca(OH)2 was to use, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that the spill was properly taken care of. Overall, I highly recommend Ca(OH)2 for neutralizing HNO3 or any other acidic spills. It's a reliable and efficient product that every workshop should have on hand.

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